Global Armored Trucks offers the largest selection of new, pre-owned, used and refurbished armored trucks & armored vehicles in the USA. We have more than two hundred armored trucks and armored vans in stock in our inventory at both our West Coast and East Coast US locations.

Global Armored Trucks has been the leading supplier of armored vehicles, including cit vehicles of all types since 1990.  Whether you call it a cash in transit (CIT) truck, a bank truck,  a bullet proof vehicle or a cash van we have the armored vehicle for you. We have all the top armored brands, Ford, GMC, Mercedes, International and many more.  Gasoline, diesel, automatic or standard armored trucks and vans, we’re the first place to shop. We also carry a large inventory of  new and used  parts for all types of armored trucks and vans including engine parts, hoods, axels, steering boxes, transmission parts and accessories from top brands such as Detroit, Eaton, Cummins, Caterpillar, Rockwell, Spicer, Dodge, GMC, Ford and International.

Global Armored Trucks strives to maintain the highest level of customer service. We are happy to assist our armored customers by offering transportation of our armored vehicles to any port or destination in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We also offer  worldwide shipping of the armored trucks and vans via air or sea transport. Additionally, we guarantee the precise and punctual processing of all export and import documents, customs clearance forms including fee management.

At Global Armored Trucks, our team of expertly trained employees is looking forward to having the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your armored vehicle needs. We are more than happy to give quotes and information on our inventory to pre-qualified buyers on a confidential basis. Call for a quote today at area code (818) 400-1081


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Armored Car Services

Armored car service is one of the products and services that various companies and organizations from within the security industry provide. There are approximately 685 armored car services in the United States alone and many of them are independently operated and belong to the Independent Armored Car Operators Association.

In the 1970s, it was thought that the use of credit cards will have a negative effect on the armored protection industry. But by the early 90s, it turned out to be the opposite as the industry grew seven times since the mid-1950s; by 1997, the investigative, armored guard, and armored services was a $14.5 billion industry. Ironically, it was the credit card companies themselves that became the major users of armored car services and contributed to the growth of the industry, with the use of ATM machines and the transportation of food stamps being the next two. has a full article on this which you can read by clicking here.


2005 Armored Vehicle Market Survey

Armored car service is one of the products and services that various companies and organizations from within the security industry provide. There are approximately 685 armored car services in the United States alone and many of them are independently operated and belong to the Independent Armored Car Operators Association.

In April of 2005, A.T. Kearney released a report about the armored vehicle market. The report showed that the global demand for armored vehicle in the year prior was estimated at 36,000 vehicles, which translates to $1.1 billion. The armored vehicle was defined into three separate categories; passenger vehicle, Cash-in-Transit, and military vehicle.

Out of the estimated 36,000 vehicles on demand during that time, 14,700 (40.83%) of it are for passenger vehicles, while 11,700 (32.5%) and 9,600 (26.67%) are for Cash-in-Transit and military vehicles, respectively.

Global Demand for Armored Vehicle

In North America, the military demand for armored vehicle grew exponentially due to 9.11, while in Western Europe (i.e. Germany, UK, Italy), the demand for armored passenger vehicles was relatively low compared to Eastern Europe (i.e. Russia) and Latin America (i.e. Brazil). On the other side of the globe, both China and the Philippines kept the demands high in the Asia Pacific region, whereas demands for Cash-in-Transit armored vehicles grew in Africa, and [armored] rental services in the Middle East still continued to import their vehicles from the US (because of the Iraq situation).


13,000 Armored Trucks Given Away By The Pentagon

The Pentagon opted to give away about 13,000 used armored trucks earlier this year - for free! - because it thought that they have finally outlived their original purpose.

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"There's no more opportunity in holding on to what you don't think you'll need for the future," Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisitions, Technology and Logistics, Alan Estevez said, referring about the vehicles called MRAP (pronounced "em-rap"), which stands for Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected. "We've notified our friends and allies that we have MRAPs available and if they want them they can have them," he added.

"The price was right because it was free," said Sheriff Captain John Crouse, "It stops bullets. It keeps you from getting shot." Ohio State declined to comment. The police look at the bulky trucks as an effective way of showing force when it comes to situations like hostage crisis and civil disturbances; scenarios where SWAT teams are deployed.

Aside from lack of interest from foreign militaries, the give-away was also off-limits to private citizens and businesses as many of the trucks were equipped with machine gun turrets. That being said, with such a huge number of used armored trucks up for grabs, it was inevitable that some of the units weren't going anywhere -- except probably the scrap heap. This meant bad news for the defense contractors that made the trucks and supplied the parts; companies like Navistar International, Oshkosh Corp. and BAE Systems.

John Akalaonu, senior program manager for Navistar's defense unit said that they've been trying to get the government to reconsider pushing the vehicles into the shredder. "The money has been spent to get these vehicles. It doesn't make sense to just give them away or shred them," he explained.

Navistar's revenue fell 51% last year as demand for trucks and parts dried up, BAE was reported to have closed a plant in Sealy, Texas, while Oshkosh had to cut about 900 employees from its military-truck assembly last year.

For additional reading, click here for MSN's article.


Mid-East, N. Africa Drives Armored Vehicle Market To $28B

Despite European budget cuts, the ending of the Afghan war, and the advent of sequestration in the US that led to a drop in armored vehicle demand, US-based market research firm, MarketsandMarkets, released a report that tells of an expected boost in the procurement of armored vehicles in the next 10 years.

According to the report based on a projected compound annual growth rate of 4.93 percent, the global armored vehicles market is expected to reach $28.62 billion by 2019; primarily in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

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Saudi Arabia, Israel and UAE in particular are expected to spend extensively on armored vehicle procurement, with UAE providing expansion into new markets like Yemen, Somalia and Libya.

Military analyst, Matthew Hedges, from the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis said that, "The armored vehicle market in the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] region is a very dynamic arena as interstate conflict, insurgency and the evolution of techniques, tactics and procedures are creating an unstable environment for the militaries to operate in."

He added that, "a lot of vehicles recently procured in the region have been gifted; there is an increasing demand to secure the borders of the states in the MENA region as there is a dire threat to the regional economies through a combined lack of security."

Online defense site Defence IQ, which is based in the Middle East, also reported that countries within the region are continuing to acquire new fleets and modernize their armored vehicles.

For more details, read's article by clicking here.


A Look Inside The Armored Vehicle Industry (Video)

On today’s post, we’d like to share with you this very informative video by Funker Tactical that gives us an inside look at the armored vehicle industry.

Join Ryan (a combat medic) as he travels to Canada and interviews Durward Smith, President of Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc, the company that made J.R. Smith’s $450,000 Gurkha F5 that we mentioned on one of our previous articles. Get a quick tour of the company’s production line and ride with Ryan as he gets behind the wheel and take one of the armored trucks for a spin on the test course.

Click here to watch the video over at the Funker Tactical's YouTube channel.


DaimlerChrysler, VW, BMW, Ford Saw Record Sales Of Armored Cars

Auto manufacturing giants Volkswagen, BMW, DaimlerChrysler AG and Ford all saw record sales in armored cars last year as the conflict in Iraq and concerns about personal safety are helping drive the market, according to a report by Bloomberg.

In Iraq, German carmakers are in a great position to profit as demand for armored cars continue to grow. "Iraq will give an enormous boost to business in the region because of the psychological fear about personal safety," Schmidt of Automotive Industry Data says. "It's mainly the Germans who will benefit because they're better at producing prestige, bulletproof cars."

Mike Vaughn, spokesman for Ford’s Lincoln division in Michigan estimated that major automakers sold about 22,000 armored cars last year around the world, with an average rise of 20 percent annual clip since the early 70s. As an example, Mercedes at one time managed to sell 55 armored vehicles to the Saudi National Guard at $350,000 each.

In the recent months, carmakers have been competing for prominent clients and are responding to the demands by introducing bulletproof versions of more of their models (ex. BMW's compact 3-Series, and Volkswagen's mid-size Passat sedan), and by including tougher armor and new features (ex. Bentley's exploding door hinges and smoke canisters).

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Armored vehicles are currently rated using an internationally recognized system. Vehicles with B3 and B4-rated armors are capable of providing protection from handgun attacks which include even the powerful ones like the .44 caliber Magnum, while those with B6 and B7-rated armors can thwart attacks from an assault rifle and a hand grenade.

To read more, visit Bloomberg by clicking here.


Armored Vehicles in Hollywood

Today's related post on armored vehicles comes from Michael Walker's article of The Hollywood Reporter, where he wrote about Hollywood's new-found love of armored cars. The piece made mention of a couple security service companies like IMS Security and Latvia's Dartz Motorz Co.

If you ask the average person out on the street to name a celebrity who they know owns an armored vehicle, chances are, they’ll answer with 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' because of his reputation for being one of the early adopters of the civilian version of the Humvee. Fact of the matter is, there are more celebrities out there other than Schwarzenegger who happen to own an armored vehicle, and you probably might have already seen them but just didn't know it.

Celebrities who have acquired of these armored services include Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen, and rapper T.I. just to name a few. So, how much did they have to shell out to get the armored protection? For starters, New York Knick's J.R. Smith was spotted in a $450,000 Gurkha F5 armored truck.